Tina was Phenomenal

“My experience as a first time home buyer with Tina was phenomenal to say the least. Starting the process, I had heard so much about the crucial-ness of selecting a real estate agent and the task seemed a bit daunting. I found Tina at an open house and could tell instantly that we would work well  together. The most important aspect for me was trust, and Tina never broke that at any point during the process. Every single question I had, Tina took the time to answer. She wasn’t impatient, and she treated me like a human being and not a paycheck. She helped me formulate a game plan and to execute it flawlessly. If I didn’t have a contact for a service (moving, appraisal, title company, mortgage lenders, plumbers, door smiths, etc.) she would immediately send me a few recommendations (and they were all phenomenal as well). In short, the process of buying a home looked like it would be a scary. But a lot of that fear for me dissipated because of how confident I was with Tina on my side. I look forward to my next home buying endeavors in the future. Tina will be the first person I reach out to when that happens.”